Best Site for download GenFTP Free [Latest]

Simply visit the TorrentZ homepage and see if it grabs you. The site feels more like a torrent tracker than a download site, but it does have a high-quality selection of games. It has hitbox reviews, but this is not listed on our page of the best gaming sites of 2020, which makes it a little different from the rest. Also, Torrentz works well on mobile.

This is a collection of sites that do not offer much in terms of gameplay and quality, but feature some of the best value for money sites on the internet. Skidrow comes highly recommended as being one of the oldest torrenting sites for gaming.

Brusheezy is a real sleeper. It isnt exactly a torrenting site, rather a site where you can download games to your Steam account. However, if you have a Steam account, then you can have your games downloaded to your hard drive to play offline (after purchasing them of course). And if you dont have a Steam account, you can play the games through the browser anyway. The games on this site are free to download, unlike most of the other sites on our list of the best game torrenting sites of 2020.

Search on Google to find is it legal to download cracked software and you can find a ton of forums and resources with answers for this question. Theres also a subreddit dedicated to the community of cracked game buyers. In general, you should be able to get your hands on software that would normally only be available to developers.

Featured torrents are your gateway to finding the full cracked version. The majority of top-notch torrents to crack software are on the WS4GL site. Always check the site for the latest released games before using a cracked version. The most updated games are always found in the section that says New Games on the main page.