Command And Conquer Generals 2 [WORK] Free Download Full Version 73

Command And Conquer Generals 2 [WORK] Free Download Full Version 73



Command And Conquer Generals 2 Free Download Full Version 73

to experience this new value and this new law, it is necessary to «choose life,» which implies a choice for an authentic human way of being and living. and this does not mean a sterile choice which establishes superficial and contradictory oppositions; it does not imply a false choice which includes only a choice between pleasure and pain. it means a choice which takes seriously the vocation to love in god and in one’s neighbour, so that the contemporary culture of death does not only give way to a culture of life, but also to a culture of peace. the 36 path that leads to this new culture is marked by a freedom which has entered history through the «new way of love»: a 101 way which is an authentic human response to god’s love in jesus christ. it is a freedom not in defence of the past, but in order to 109 take up a renewed commitment to the future. and there is no life which is not «new.» this is the essence of a new vision of human life in which love is the fundamental principle. in it, the vocation to love is taken seriously as an authentic and sovereign value. love is not a sentimental sentiment to be limited to a particular situation, but an unreserved and free response to god’s love which never ceases to transform. it does not have an ulterior motive, but gives itself unconditionally. it is an unconstrained and freely given gift of self which, in the person to whom it is addressed, bears fruit.

eventually sherman trapped hoods army in its den, captured every element of hoods army, and within days of the army capitulation, the rest of the confederate army of tennessee surrendered. as a result of the debacle, hood had to leave tennessee and the rest of the confederacy to attempt a defensive stand in georgia, which he failed to accomplish. ironically, hoods army had to retreat into the swamps of the yellowhammer state where he suffered a force of 13,000 casualties. hoods own term for the battle of franklin, officially called the battle of chickamauga, ended with another 5,000 confederate casualties. in september after the battle of nashville, sherman wrote his wife, we had the truth on our side, and we could have swept it away with a broom. had we only a little fighting spirit we would have gained all we sought. but evidently we have not, or the victory is not worth having.


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