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No matter how much storage space we have at our disposal, we always seem to be looking for a way free some of it up. This problem is especially serious if all you’re using is an SSD, but there are ways to easily figure out how your disk space is being used up.
Disk Rover is one of the tools you can rely on, a Java-based program that analyzes your drives and creates an interactive map that lets you visualize disk space usage. It can be very helpful, and it is also fully portable.
Cross-platform, Java-based application
Even though the program’s UI isn’t particularly impressive, the fact that it is written in Java comes with a couple of perks, the first of which is its compatibility with both Windows and macOS.
What’s more, the software is distributed in the form of a single JAR file, which can even be stored and run from a flash drive. However, it is worth noting that Java Runtime Environment needs to be available on your machine.
Generate an interactive disk usage map
After launching the program, you need to select the drive or folder that should be analyzed. The operation doesn’t take too long, but you will have to wait a while if scanning a particularly large drive or directory.
Once finished, the application generates a graphical representation of disk space usage. You can even navigate through folders, as well as copy paths, open directories and delete items.
You should have a much easier time finding large files or folders that are using lots of disk space for no reason when looking at the overall picture.
Handy utility that can help you clean your drives
Overall, Disk Rover does its job quite well, and it is very easy to deploy. The simplistic UI may not be to everyone’s taste, and no alternative graphical representations are available, but the program can prove very useful when trying to find ways to free up disk space.







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Disk Rover Crack Free Download is a Java application that allows you to analyze disk usage of your computer and create an interactive disk usage map.
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Mac users that have to deal with slow boot times will welcome the release of Disk Delay, a utility that provides a cool way to speed things up.
Mac users that have to deal with slow boot times will welcome the release of Disk Delay, a utility that provides a cool way to speed things up.
All they have to do is create an HFS+-formatted virtual disk image file, select the destination folder, and click the “Start Disk Delay” button. As a side effect, your boot times will be significantly decreased, which is something you don’t always get with conventional disk storage solutions.
Disk Delay is a simple tool
The free version of the utility is pretty basic. It offers two options: you can either create a delay of 30 seconds or 1 minute, which is a pretty good delay, or you can choose to delay everything, allowing you to boot your Mac in record times.
The utility requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later.
Disk Delay is a cool utility
Disk Delay is a utility that requires a certain level of familiarity with the File System of Mac OS X. It allows you to delay Mac boot times, which is something most Mac users will have needed in some point in their lives.
The program uses a feature that allows you to create a virtual disk image file that will be used as the base for your Mac operating system. From there, you can select the destination folder and click “Start Disk Delay”, and the process will be finished in a few seconds.
The program’s Mac OS X requirements are fairly low, but it could still be a problem for certain users.
We didn’t spot a free version of Disk Delay.
Disk Delay Description:
Disk Delay is a utility that allows you to create a virtual disk image file that will be used as the base for your Mac operating system.
See full Disk Delay review for more information

Since purchasing an Apple iPad, some of the programs available are few and far between. There are good ones available for tablets and apps, but the cost of such hardware is limiting how much and what you can do with your device.
There are some things you can do with your iPad that you simply can’t do on other tablets. In many ways, the iPad is like

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Keymacro is a tool for creating macros on Mac OS X.
Keymacro is a Mac OS X application, designed to help you create keyboard shortcuts for common applications on your Mac.
Keymacro uses customizable groups to collect key sequences, each key sequence could be associated with the default action for that group.
After Keymacro is used for the first time, a user interface will be generated in /Users/userName/Library/Application Support/Keymacro. The interface will list all of the groups in the application and allows users to create new groups.

Keymacro has a number of features that make it an ideal tool for building custom shortcuts.

Keymacro allows users to quickly identify groups of keys in which they can be associated with an action, either a command-line command or a standard Mac OS X application.

The application allows users to attach and change default keyboard shortcuts for common actions. For example, users can add a keyboard shortcut to execute a shell command or create a keyboard shortcut to open a Finder window with a specific set of options.

Keymacro allows users to build shortcut groups from the Command Line, menu bar, window menu, and even within a file.

Grouping shortcuts on an XCode file

Keymacro allows users to combine keyboard shortcuts with custom keybindings on.m files within an XCode project. This gives the ability to create keyboard shortcuts that can be applied to specific keybindings on a file. For example, creating a shortcut that only executes a custom command when a user presses the `i` key and then press `Enter`.

The End Result:

You can use Keymacro to easily create a lot of shortcuts from a single location, which can help make common tasks easier to do. The simple user interface, and customizable shortcuts make Keymacro an ideal application for creating custom shortcuts for your Mac.

The Giveaway:

Today’s giveaway is a copy of Keymacro. To enter, just post a comment below by Friday, November 9th at midnight. I’ll pick the winner using random.org. Good luck!

If you’re running Windows, it’s probably not a good idea to store important files and documents on a flash drive. The reason for this is that many people use USB flash drives as a way to copy data between computers. However, if you remove a drive from one of your Windows machines

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DiskDriverAnalyzer is the free disk space analyzing tool.It can help you identify which folders taking too much space.It allows you to uninstall/delete software/folders that is taking too much space and restart your computer for faster performance.
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Using Plex Media Server to Add Subtitles to Movies | Plex PRO

Using Plex Media Server to Add Subtitles to Movies | Plex PRO

Using Plex Media Server to Add Subtitles to Movies | Plex PRO

In this video we show you how to add subtitles for movies to Plex. This is one of the easiest and most automatic ways to do it. I’ll show you how to get your movies to show in a subtitle format.

In this video we look at how to create a media library for Plex using a local server and the file structure for Plex Media Server. We then add movies to Plex using MP4 files.
Plex does a lot of things, but the most interesting parts are being able to stream any video, filter movies or shows, filter things by filename and quite a few others. We look at the file structure of a Plex library, and then we take a quick look at the backend setup.
NOTE: All Plex videos are strictly for educational purposes. This video is for local video playback on the Plex Media Server. If you wish to upload videos to the internet and access the content via a web browser please use another program to burn the files.


Free Speech and The End of Traditional Education: How the future of education will change

Free Speech and The End of Traditional Education: How the future of education will change

Free Speech and The End of Traditional Education: How the future of education will change

The rise of artificial intelligence and the ability to automate many processes will inevitably change the future of traditional education. In this powerful and profoundly moving speech, Bill Gates takes on education and explains how the very essence of it, what we teach and how we teach it, should change.
The speech is titled “The Future of Education: How the End of Traditional Education Will Change Everything.” It includes specific recommendations and suggestions that he hopes will lead to a future of education that achieves the fundamental goal of the institution: “to turn our youth into well-rounded, thoughtful people who will become tomorrow’s leaders.”


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System Requirements For Disk Rover:

OS: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Latest Update: Fix for MMX (Mouse doesn’t move to the center of the screen, start to


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