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Game Viewergames Arcade is a small racing game specifically tailored for Twitch Streamers.
As a streamer, you fire up the game and your viewers can immediately join in without any additional downloads.
Many of Twitch’s integration features are supported:
A Twitch Extension for convenient controlling and interaction of viewers directly from the channel page – Set waypoints, manage car layouts, fire items
Use Channel Points for getting in-game items or triggering real-time events – Oil, Boost, and Bombs
Allows use of Twitch Bits to support the streamer and get cosmetic goodies for players to customize their car and its effects

Koi the Blues brings a new design, new features, new levels and new tunes!
Koi the Blues is a hand-drawn polka-dot platformer. Use your mouse to leap to the beat as you explore Koi’s world!
As you play, Koi is sure to keep you jumping, waiting, walking and playing!
Meet Koi!
Koi is a young cat from the land of Zid that loves to play the guitar. So far Koi has only been able to find one instrument.
– Your guitar is your friend!
– Click to pick up, click again to drop a pole. You can also choose to swing around a pole.
– Click to jump, click again to glide. Your jump height depends on your life gauge.
– Koi has three lives. When your gauge runs out, you’re out of the game.
– Koi has four different musical themes. Different songs are available depending on the music theme.
Every song is coming from a different artist.
It’s also the first game I’ve ever made, so please feel free to leave feedback!
See the game at:

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FURIDASHI – PREMIUM CAR: 1986 SA-86 Features Key:

  • 15+ hours of gameplay
  • 3 playable characters
  • More than 35 different outcomes and ending conditions
  • Piece of moving scenery
  • Genuine Victorian atmosphere
  • Chill and humor

What’s New in this Version:- fixed game failing to work with Steam Community Servers in single player, error now occurs when opening a game shortcut or save game from Steam

  • converted save game files to work with new system
  • other bug fixes
  • optimised Steam Cloud save in single player mode
  • all scaling textures now have dynamic display scaling
  • more events added to scripts and level
  • limited loading times have been added to cut down on loading times
  • removed redundant SAVE and EXE shortcuts in single player mode
  • title and credits text have now changed a little
  • some bugs and redundant files have been removed

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    Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical strategy game with RPG elements.
    It is set in the fictional Valkyria system about a hundred years after an alien invasion.
    The continent of Gallia has been transformed into the militaristic nation of Gallia.
    During the war years, a mercenary group, the Valkyria, have become a nuisance to the state because they do not have an army to resist.
    The Valkyria were exterminated after the war on 2 November 1945.
    In Valkyria Chronicles you will experience turn-based strategic battles against an enemy army.
    The battles are generally played on a field map.
    Each unit has its own individual statistics and equipment.
    The player can issue orders to units, but it is more suited for the computer to make the necessary commands.
    The Valkyria are the combatant units with unique game mechanics.
    Their troops can only stand on specific spots.
    Thus, every unit can only attack or defend a certain area.
    This focuses the battle to one specific location.
    They are also able to use several types of offensive or defensive weapons in addition to unique military equipment.
    The player can manage their own group of Valkyria.
    The player is able to customize them as well.
    The Valkyria can issue each other orders, in addition to special abilities.
    At the beginning of the game, the player is given an unlimited number of Valkyria, that can be assigned to the player’s own units.
    The maps will provide any information about the movements of the Valkyria.
    They can attack, defend or run away.
    In combat, the player is able to move units on the ground, as well as navigate through the air.
    The battlefield is quite large and can be split into many different areas.
    If the player decides to move their units around, they are able to do so.
    The main requirement is to find an area that is convenient for them.
    Be careful not to leave any areas unprotected.
    There are hostile units around, and they are on the look out.
    The player can decide to fight or retreat.
    Retreating is different from normal retreat.
    A player is only able to move some units, but the complete group is able to retreat.
    When retreating, the player is able to teleport the entire group to another safe place.
    The battles will end if one of the following conditions is met:
    The player has no more units left.


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    The core gameplay mechanic is to bounce your ball across different colored platforms while trying to avoid hitting the ground, hitting enemies or getting hit by enemies. You have a limited amount of time to accomplish this feat. I challenge you to do it.

    The game’s art style is quite reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. in both graphics and music. Honeyskim is a gorgeous platformer that mixes old-school 8-bit graphics with some modern polish. The gameplay is great, with lots of levels, difficulty adjustments and a few unlockables for advanced players. The game play is great fun even for a casual gamer. There are also a couple of good extras for advanced players.

    The game is full of cute and humorous sound effects, which are deliciously retro and deep down mean something. The music is also very fun. At the end of the game is a lot of text that describes the game in their own style. Overall, this game is just fun to play. Easy to pick up, but tough to master.

    Rating: 9 out of 10.


    It is simply one of the most visually interesting games I have ever played.

    The music is a nice addition to the overall atmosphere.

    Simple and the game teaches you like no other.

    5 out of 5.


    If someone wants to play their game on a PC or a mobile device they have to use device. 1xPC or Higher is needed.

    I give this game a 5 out of 5.


    The graphics are so amazing that you just want to spend hours and hours playing this game. You want to do something else, but the story is so intriguing that you just don’t want to stop playing.

    A small game that is full of heart and offers hours of fun.

    Ending: 4 out of 5

    Bang-On Balls is more than just a new game for PC, it was designed by a team of people who wanted to make something that would mix fun with the retro design of the classic games. With each level, the game gets more challenging, and the music and graphics becomes more refined. This game is made in the spirit of fun, and I do not think it has a similar game on PC.

    Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a very good platformer in the retro style. The game play is easy to learn, and the game is a little bit tricky in several


    What’s new in FURIDASHI – PREMIUM CAR: 1986 SA-86:

      This is an addon for Ubisoft’s steampunk zombie mod Orcs Must Die! 2 Unlimited. It adds support for additional items as well as an additional dungeon layout.

      Features include:

      Four new weapons, armor, traps and consumables.

      Two new boss enemies and a new level with unlockable boss treasure.

      A new chest containing four new weapons, armor, traps and consumables.

      In this patch, you can also combine the former Rare Dungeon with the Regular Dungeon to make «A Rare+A Regular Dungeon» with one boss and three chest items that contain Rare, Common and Magic resources.

      Stuff that has changed:

      Some very minor bugs fixed, especially with the crash that could be triggered in the battle against the boss of the Rare+A Regular Dungeon (thanks to Shabonzo and the whoami team!).

      All items that contain points have been removed from this mod due to a crash bug.

      Armour locations that are not always adjacent to a weapon location

      New Stuff (Combinations, items, etc):

      The «A Rare+A Regular Dungeon» has been redesigned.

      The Rare chests now contain:


      The Rare+A Regular Dungeon chest now contains all items from the Rare and Rare+A Rare Dungeons.

      Three chests with the Rare and Magic tickets together.

      All rares can be shot several times, catching more loot, but making it harder to hit other enemies.

      Common and Rare rooms can only be shot at once.

      Common rooms can be shot for additional loot – but do not contain rare loot.

      Rare traps can be found only in rare rooms.

      Common traps can only be found only in common rooms (or be crafted at a craft store).

      Rare traps can be crafted at a crafting table.

      There’s additionally a rare trap that requires an additional currency to craft and that can be found in a rare room.

      Common traps can be crafted at a crafting table.

      All additional items with functionality can only be obtained from chests.

      The button of a canisters can only be used once (in the Rare/Rare+A Rare drop).

      The Rare+A Regular Dungeon contains a new boss, a new level layout and newly added items. It is also added to the regular and rare level layout.

      Other two additional levels have been added

      All Monster Locations that can be


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      The tiny, alien-like Oknytt is looking to find his place in this world. As Oknytt, the player can solve logical puzzles in a procedurally generated, Norse-based medieval universe. There are no hand-holding choices. Instead, the story is told through a series of increasingly difficult puzzles.
      Releasing in December 2017, the short game is available for $4.99 and free for Super Awesome Games’ “Play of the Week”.
      If the game sounds like something you’d enjoy, please consider sending us a review of the game.

      The captivating story of a baby girl born under a full moon has captured the hearts of audiences around the world.
      Having just received an extraordinary gift, the mysterious Moon Child lives with her biological parents and the rest of her family. Although she has grown up in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, she is nevertheless strangely unhappy. Whenever they play, she is usually very uninterested in the activities her family enjoys, preferring to play alone and isolated in a world of her own.
      Her parents think she is simply being shy. However, her behaviour becomes increasingly more erratic. This suggests something is wrong with her.
      The Moon Child must explore the mysterious and enchanted night world to find the answers she is looking for.
      – 16 different scenes: one per day
      – More than 35 unique items
      – 8 species of creatures and 55 characters to meet
      – 8 different endings
      – English, Czech, French and German voice acting
      – Music by Nick Littlewood
      – 64-bit Windows operating system.
      – PC graphics card with 2 GB of VRAM or better.
      – A minimum of 3 GB of available hard drive space.
      – OpenGL, version 3.0
      – Variable refresh rate technology compatible NVIDIA G-SYNC® technology.

      You have two options:
      – Purchase the VR Ready version for this game via Steam (Windows only) or support Gamestar Mechanic’s charity of choice, Child’s Play.
      – Get the standard game and experience it on VR devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Gear VR, thanks to Oculus’ SDK.

      The VR version contains the following:
      – VR graphics improvements and visual effects to make the experience more immersive.
      – VR gameplay adjustments to make the experience more comfortable for those using a headset with controllers.
      – Fully voiced game text (Czech, French, German) that can


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