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Kepler Web Socket Communication, Kepler Analyzer, and Kepler Operator have all been updated to work with KEPServerEX V5. The major changes are:

  • Kepler Web Socket communication has been expanded to support encrypted transmissions and can use AES128, AES256, or AES192 and AES256.
  • Kepler Operator has been changed from being a web-based OPC UA server into a KEPServerEX V5 client. Kepler Operator is renamed to SmartView
  • Kepler Analyzer has been enhanced to produce operator alerts and to include operator status and operator scheduling capabilities.
  • Kepler Analyzer is a KEPServerEX V5 client and can be added as another OPC UA client to KEPServerEX V5.

The Kepware KepServerEX 4.1.1+ Topology Browser is used to display OPC clients connected to KEPServerEX, KepServer, and RedundancyMaster. The tab allows simultaneous view of OPC and proprietary protocols, and topology information from KepServerEX and RedundancyMaster.

KEPServerEX V5 allows users to connect to Kepware software using any modern web browser. The web client is self-contained and lightweight. Users can benefit from the experience of working on a local computer and also access the client through a web browser.

KEPServerEX V5 includes the KepServer, RedundancyMaster, and LinkMaster clients. The KepServer client is designed to work with any OPC UA compliant device. KepServer provides real-time monitoring, reporting, and control of remote device OPC UA communication over the Internet. RedundancyMaster provides location-aware device redundancy with robust BGP and OSPF network management. LinkMaster is an MQTT broker and OPC UA data aggregator that provides the basis for a redundant Internet-based OPC UA communication network.

Kepware KepServerEX has been released with support for the AXIOM AX5310. This product enables the integration of HMI with OPC servers and with the AX5310 we are adding support for various interfaces beyond just the RS232/485, which was intended to provide a single solution to the power supply communication of OPC platforms. Learn More
Using the Kepware KepServerEX 4.71.201 with NETDAS KepDAS for Mac, you can easily deploy a Point of Sale (POS) system on a local network, using the many Kepware KepDAS modules and allowing other devices (such as printers, network enabled bar code scanners, display units, etc.) to communicate with the system. The Kepware KepDAS for Mac packages are available now for the KepWare 4.71.101+ version. Learn More
A comprehensive set of loadable device drivers for the Kepware KepServerEX product family. These drivers can be accessed and loaded by users in the Manufacturer Tools section of the site. The drivers include a comprehensive set of core communication protocols for use with various Vibration Control and Instrument Communication terminals, for connection to Kepware KepServerEX.
The Direct Attach Software (DAS) for KEPServerEX version 5.5 for Windows provides on-screen and in-database command, query, monitoring, and test control. With a single client, users can control multiple systems for easier maintenance Learn More
KEPServerEX provides a means for centralized and highly automated programming, run time, and general configuration of KEPServerEX, including OPC UA client software on all machines within your organization. The KEPServerEX-based solution integrates topologies, interfaces, and components into a global network. Learn More

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