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Knowing how to use Photoshop should come with knowledge of the standard tools. They are outlined in this article and explained in detail.

The standard tools in Photoshop can be described as follows:

The standard tools:


The standard tools:





In the original version of Photoshop, it was possible to crop a picture by dragging a shape and pulling it to the edges of the frame. This was a good method for cropping the edges of a photo because it worked when you were moving the shape into a tight frame, but it didn’t work for cropping the center. It was possible to create the shapes by using the Rectangle and Polygon tools.

Rectangle tool

The Rectangle tool allows you to create rectangles, ellipses (an ellipse is basically an oval in shape), stars and a few other geometric shapes. If you try to start a new shape and attempt to click outside of the shape area, Photoshop will alert you that the rectangle is already active.

Rectangle tool settings

For creating a new rectangle, open the tool by pressing the R key. You’ll notice that there are different options for the tool and what it will be used for.

You can select the type of rectangle you want to use. You can use Rectangle, Rectangle (selection) or Freeform Rectangle. You can change the fill color, the layer effect, the stroke width, the line color, the corner type and the type of orientation.

Click the Toggle Preview button if you’d like to preview the shape before you create it. After you’ve finished selecting the settings, click the OK button or press Enter to create a new shape.

To delete a shape, double-click the shape. This will display the eraser tool, which you can use to erase the shape. To make the shape bigger or smaller, drag the corners.

The right click menu lets you make the shape exact size, create a freeform rectangle, connect the shape to an existing path or to an existing object, transform the shape, reverse the shape, send the shape to the trash, add a second shape, multiply the shape, layer effects, duplicate the shape, change the color, etc.

The rectangle tool includes a fill color, stroke color, corner type and rotation option.

Polygon tool

Like the rectangle tool, the Polygon

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It does not require a high-speed processor or a large amount of disk space. Images can be edited as quickly or slowly as you like. Photoshop Elements is ideal for those who want a simple editor or even a more advanced image editor with fewer features than the full version of Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements comes with a variety of editing tools including a number of filters for images. This guide will show you how to get started editing images with Photoshop Elements and apply your new skills to a project.


This Photoshop Elements tutorials are written for the macOS operating system. A Macintosh computer is required to run Photoshop Elements.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements was originally known as Photoshop Lightroom (2005). It was rebranded as Photoshop Elements in 2011 when Adobe created a separate Lightroom program for photographers.

Lightroom has its own web portal which can be accessed through Lightroom is the only way to share and edit images on Lightroom. Photoshop Elements is the same thing as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC.

Although Photoshop Elements is similar to Lightroom there are some differences. These include compatibility issues and the fact that Photoshop Elements does not include a RAW editor.

Lightroom is not free and has had regular service updates. Photoshop Elements is a free, limited trial version that will expire after three months.

Photoshop Elements is the ideal solution for beginner or even advanced photographers who are looking for a simple solution to their image editing needs. It is also an easier solution than Photoshop full version for hobbyists and people who don’t have the time or budget to learn a complex product.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a graphics editing software produced by Adobe. It is designed to be a simple graphics editor for users who are new to Adobe products or have more limited requirements.

Most of the features of Photoshop are included in Photoshop Elements, however there are some key differences. Photoshop Elements has fewer features and a simpler user interface compared to the professional version.

The features included in Photoshop Elements are:

Basic image editing tools

Basic photo resizing and cropping tools

High-quality filters to apply to your images

Import/export options

Corrective tools

Lossless photo conversion tools

The following image shows a comparison of the features in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop:

Photoshop Elements provides many of the same features that are included in Photoshop. Some of

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Cygwin and robocopy might do what you want.

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2015 Version 17:

PC / Windows 7 / Vista
Latest DirectX (9.0c) and Direct3D (9.1)
2 GB disk space
32-bit sound card
Graphic card DirectX 9.0c or better (Nvidia cards work)
Mono installed as default
The game is not optimized for AMD or Intel based CPUs. Unfortunately, there is no client-side multiplayer, but the server side is capable of handling 16 players.
Please note that we will ship the game on a CD and that

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