SolidWorks Premium 2015 Portable BEST 🔅

SolidWorks Premium 2015 Portable BEST 🔅

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SolidWorks Premium 2015 Portable

solidworks cam pro powered by camworks is a solid modeling scripting solution that offers more extensibility and workflow integration. with solidworks cam pro, you can use cam works cam, cam works guided drafting, solidworks cam standard, and solidworks cam standard with hole cutting, solidworks cam standard with wire and router and solidworks cloud, to create models which are easily machined by your cnc machines.

solidworks cim standard is a graphical modeling solution for creating parametric models. solidworks cim standard enables parametric design for engineers and designers to create high-quality, standardized product shapes without having to model each shape individually. with the simplicity of a sketch, solidworks cim standard allows you to create products from a common library of product shapes, and then easily customize specific model parts by adding or changing a single parameter at a time. you can also integrate solidworks cim standard with solidworks cam to create a parametric part that you can directly drill from your cam layout.

solidworks cim pro is the graphical modeling solution for creating parametric models that extends the capabilities of solidworks cim standard. solidworks cim pro contains specialized tools that make it possible for engineers and designers to create parametric product designs for end-users. solidworks cim pro can be used to simulate surface contours of complex or repeating surfaces and can create electrical, sound, and fluid interfaces, all without having to create product surfaces individually.

solidworks dial is a 3d data pipeline solution to import and export to/from a broad range of cad formats. solidworks dial can import dwg, dxf, iges, stl, stl, fbx, obj, vrml, ply, and svg formats. solidworks dial can export dwg, dxf, stl, and vxd formats. solidworks dial allows for the creation of supplemental viewports and maquettes that can be used to further edit and manage imported parts. additionally, solidworks dial can use solidworks raster and solidworks vector content as a data source.

The Tecent Group was acquired by Inventec Corp. (IIC:66) in 2005 and Tecent then operates as the Inventec Design Group. Inventec has been known to sell SOLIDWORKS to small business and architects. Recently Tecent released the following brochure about the newly designed Portable SOLIDWORKS offering.
Portable SolidWorks Brochure The Portable SolidWorks (Portable SW) package delivers the same SolidWorks software, database, and hardware on a plug-and-play stand-alone system that has a choice of dual displays. Four SolidWorks models are supported in Portable SW. These models include the Architectural Design Model (ADM), the Mechanical Model (CM), the Assembly Model (AM) and the Job Definition (JD). Portable SW supports the same SolidWorks software, database, and hardware as on the desktop system but runs on a single user computer. Portable SW has standard USB and Ethernet ports and uses up to two standard 60GB SATA hard drives to back-up your data and run OS, SolidWorks, and database. Portable SW is not designed for mass-use and it is best used by a single user.
I saw my first 3D Model in the form of a camera view model in pictures. I then worked for 3 months trying to understand what I was seeing, and how I could model it. I went through a lot of trial and error before I came to understand how to best model the camera and the camera view model. Having gone through that experience it is easy for me to understand why SolidWorks had been around for so long. Its the reason why I liked SolidWorks so much. Navisworks does have a variety of 3D modelling tools and is growing and changing the area at a rapid pace. However, compared to SolidWorks, it takes a long time to get your first view model right. Without this foundation, it is very difficult to understand how to best model the whole thing. I think it is an intangible but very powerful advantage to those working in the area of 3D Modeling.