Title: Thief Of Shadows (Maiden Lane) Author: Elizabeth Hoyt ….rar ((NEW)) 🕹️


Title: Thief Of Shadows (Maiden Lane) Author: Elizabeth Hoyt ….rar

Elizabeth Hoyt, The Darkness Between Us, co-author Barnhouse (a dangerous demon turns ordinary people into candidates of a secret society in a supernatural fantasy. Each candidate is given an exotic and precious gemstone that once belonged to the demon. Each candidate must perform an impossible task to gain membership. If he succeeds, he and his gemstone will be rewarded for eternity with a mystical weapon to turn the tide of battle against evil)

Anne M. Ratto, The Counting House, Avon (as the dark shadows of a machinist’s past rise up to haunt his descendants, the story of an industrialist’s obsession with a primitive accounting machine)

Penny Pennington, The Devil’s End, co-author Barnhouse (a half-demon puts his strengths and devilish humor to work, which gets him into trouble, and the devil’s work, in this devilishly fun and dangerous installment of the Barnhouse series)

Jennifer Baughman, The Lost, co-author Barnhouse (a funny, heartwarming story of a kid who wants to do right, but finds himself unable to tell right from wrong in this funny mystery that finds acceptance in its unusual setting)

Shane Brewster, The Secret of Bellass, co-author Barnhouse (a secret society dedicated to preventing the return of an ancient, evil spirit returns for vengeance by harnessing the power of the occult. A collection of short stories in alternating dark and light tones and contrasting humor)

Isabel Meyerdoff, Desire And Doom, co-author Barnhouse (part three of the Barnhouse series, a half-demon mans deal with emotional chaos, moral dilemma, and a deadly ghost problem. Jennifer and Thomas are happy, but they’re not perfect. And after one disastrous summer, they’ll never be the same again)


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AMERICAN BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR 1948. IN the interest of completeness, it is hoped that authors may be willing to send to the compiler of the appropriate section


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