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A shear crack problem in the finite element method (FEM) algorithm was studied. The segmented model of the crack length was simplified to a three-dimensional model. In the simplified finite element model, the crack propagation process had an unstable propagation stage after the stable propagation. The finite element method simulation results indicated that the unstable propagation duration of the crack depended on the initial length of crack, L. An unstable crack propagation model was developed based on the finite element method and it was confirmed that the energy absorption of a shear crack was a function of crack propagation time.

A study on the behaviour of cracks under high temperature and high axial loading was undertaken for a wide range of stress conditions and crack lengths. Through a detailed numerical study, the phase change, crack growth and crack propagation behaviour of a circular shear-crack was investigated. The uniform crack propagation rates were obtained from the stress concentration at the crack tip, and the modified Tresca condition of static equilibrium was introduced, which predicted the angle of the crack tip and the horizontal stress concentration at the crack tip. The study revealed that the shear-crack grows until the application of a critical load, and then the critical load is reached and reaches a maximum before a stable steady state, while the shear-crack size is reduced with an increasing temperature. This result was well reproduced by the proposed non-linear constitutive model, resulting in a narrow crack length distribution and an accurately determined shear-crack size.

(X-Plane only) XSquawkbox is currently the only client to connect X-Plane with VATSIM. X-Plane is an alternate Flight Simulator product to Microsoft Flight Simulator products and Prepar3D and can run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The download includes installation instructions. I’ve now fixed the bug where you would occasionally get crashes during takeoff/landing when using a premium aircraft. This was a pretty nasty bug and I’m glad that X-Plane fixed it. If you were crashing during takeoff/landing here is the fix. You’re going to have to disable the horizon lock in the preferences. Launch the game, go to preferences, and turn off the horizon lock. When you start the game, the horizon will lock to the default perspective (no curve). Launch the game, and as soon as it crashes, restart it. If you use an aircraft that does not have the horizon lock, you will get the crashes. If you use an aircraft that has the horizon lock, you will not get the crashes. There has been a lot of activity with the 737-200. I’ve had a lot of user requests to make this aircraft the default 737-200 model in X-Plane. There has also been a lot of bugs and crashes so I had to write an aircraft crush routine. I tested it and it is working for any version of X-Plane. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that I wrote the code to move it to the default and then the stability crashes and freezes started appearing in the beta. So I had to revert the default back to the OOS because the stability and the crashes. So some airlines are not going to be able to use the 737-200 now until there is a fix. If you want to check the latest fixes: https://github.com/xpl2k/X-Plane/tree/master/src/X-Plane/Aircraft 5ec8ef588b


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